4/24: Knoxville, TN at the Pilot Light with Weird Ian & The Weird Band and Run 40

It was great to get another chance to play in Knoxville after having lost my voice the first time, about a month before. It always feels great to come back to the Pilot Light, one of the greatest places in the world for me, where I had some of my first concert experiences, back when smoking was allowed inside, and when many of the audience members from this night were probably just being born.

Originally, Weird Ian & the Weird Band was supposed to open this show, but Ian was attending a traveling version of the Price is Right. This is of course, about as solid an excuse as you could ever have, and we waited with anticipation to hear the results. Unfortunately, he didn’t come through with any prizes but I am sure that one of these days he will win “big money.”

So I opened the show! And there was a good crowd, with a lot of familiar and some unfamiliar faces. Rolly Lighthouse came out followed by Roy Sessick, who sang “Healthy & Great,” with new words we wrote earlier that day together. Since they were so fresh I wrote notes on his hand so he could remember the verses. While changing between Rolly’s dress and Roy’s outfit, Roy scrambled and put on a suit jacket without a shirt on underneath. Then, when I replaced him, I put the shirt fully on. Does this make sense?

I felt like I sang great and the sound is always really good at the Pilot Light. Somehow I felt a weird emptiness – not necessarily bad, but I felt a strange feeling. An empty feeling. Perhaps a great feeling. I gave out a lot of prizes – a Reese’s Egg, a York Peppermint Patty, and an orange Tootsie Roll pop. All things I accumulated at various gas stations. I finished this set with “Holiday God.” I also forgot to record my set, but William Tuggy Tugwell (of the Weird Band) did record it! What a pal.

Run 40 played some mighty fine songs that really got the crowd going… and most of whom parted at the end of their set leaving us Weird Ian fanatics with a largely empty room all the better to enjoy the show. I should add more detail but lordy I’m beat! Perhaps I’ll come back later and fill it in.

I stayed with Jason again, for the second time on this tour, and happily had a good bit more time to sit around and chat. What a great time. He made me a delicious breakfast sandwich with an english muffin, egg, ham, mushrooms… maybe other things? It was good! The night before I was hungry after the show and stopped by a gas station where I found a Rap Snax (Master P) Ramen Noodle cup. It was pretty good!

Well, this tour is wrapping up and I feel, honestly, quite tired and a bit anxious about all the things required to finish it well. I’m just trying to recognize my feelings. Hi, feelings! How are you? I see… well, I am experiencing you as a part of my existence, so we have some things in common. I suppose I’ll – “See you in Nashville!”

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