3/25/24 : Atlanta

I’m going to have to keep this one short because I’m about to head to New Orleans to start a recording project that I’m very excited about. I am also not at my normal singing capacity, but hoping for a swiftening of the recovery process. I could certainly use your healing vibrations.

Last night Chris and I drove in our respective automobiles to Rowan Newby’s house in Atlanta, where I had played before with my friends Matt Downer and William Johnson. Rowan hosts Room Tones, a very cozy house show at his museum of a house. I love visiting people with a lot of interesting stuff to look at.

I opened the show this time, and felt like it went better than it has been, which is a good sign. My voice was definitely much improved and felt on the way to normal. I had a lot of fun on this one; I just met a friend of Chris’s named Robert Henry – and I asked him if he knew the artist Robert Henri, and he did. I believe that made me make one single, joyful clap.

I sang “Almond Robin” and “I Didn’t Kill Elvis” this time. I feel the solidifying effect of nightly repetition, intuitively feeling my way towards what this show can be. Which is something pretty different every time.

I really enjoyed being able to sit back and listen to Chris Acker and Rowan Newby after finishing my set.

I’m going to leave this short because I’ve got to get on the road and start thinking about this record. I don’t have a show for 3 days now, but will start recording tomorrow. It’s going to be a beautiful thing!


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