The cover of BOOK by Big Kitty
This is the cover of Rebecca Or, Promise Punished by Big Kitty
The cover of Elements of Betty by Big Kitty

Three books are now available from Big Kitty – most recently BOOK, a tale of not finding one’s way through life, and the two earlier books REBECCA, OR PROMISE PUNISHED and ELEMENTS OF BETTY.

You can order these books by mail by sending $5 per book plus $5 shipping (from France). Below is a handy pricing chart:

1 title … $10

2 titles … $15

3 titles … $20

Be sure to include a note specifying which titles you wish to receive and make sure the mailing address is correct. Also write if you would like a certain dedication.

If you’re going to come to a concert, you can buy them there! As long as I have some left. And there aren’t very many, actually! But there will definitely be some in Chattanooga on October 27th!

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