New album: Accompanyments 2

Accompanyments 2 will officially come out on 4 August 2023! This is an album of searching, wandering, lonely songs sung in nature. I hope it takes you somewhere.

In anticipation of this release, I hereby announce, there shall be two internet events:

2 August 2023 at 7PM Europe / 6PM UK / 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific: A video for “inside the fellows of the moon” one of the twenty-three songs on Accompanyments 2. This video was filmed by the inspiring Naoko Williams, 9 years old. The version of the song is different from the album, being sung extemporaneously every time.  Accompanyments are never the same twice. The video premier will happen on my YouTube channel.

4 August 2023 at 8PM Europe / 7PM UK / 3PM Eastern / 12PM Pacific: An album listening party on my Bandcamp page. If you come, you can listen to the whole album with me and whoever else might show up, and we’ll have a live chat about it as it happens. Note: this album will only be available on Bandcamp.

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